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Selected publications:

· miR135 involvement in depression and anxiety
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miR-135 involvment in depression and anxiety

  • Issler, O., Haramati, S., Paul, E. D., Maeno, H., Navon, I., Zwang, R., … Chen, A. (2014). MicroRNA 135 is essential for chronic stress resiliency, antidepressant efficacy, and intact serotonergic activity. Neuron, 83(2), 344–360. Read More
  • Mannironi, C., Biundo, A., Rajendran, S., De Vito, F., Saba, L., Caioli, S., … Presutti, C. (2018). miR-135a Regulates Synaptic Transmission and Anxiety-Like Behavior in Amygdala. Molecular Neurobiology, 55(4), 3301–3315. Read More
  • Mannironi, C., Camon, J., De Vito, F., Biundo, A., De Stefano, M. E., Persiconi, I., … Presutti, C. (2013). Acute Stress Alters Amygdala microRNA miR-135a and miR-124 Expression: Inferences for Corticosteroid Dependent Stress Response. PLoS ONE, 8(9), e73385. Read More
  • Liu, Y., Liu, D., Xu, J., Jiang, H., & Pan, F. (2017). Early adolescent stress-induced changes in prefrontal cortex miRNA-135a and hippocampal miRNA-16 in male rats. Developmental Psychobiology, 59(8), 958–969. Read More
  • Baudry, A., Mouillet-Richard, S., Schneider, B., Launay, J. M., & Kellermann, O. (2010). MiR-16 targets the serotonin transporter: A new facet for adaptive responses to antidepressants. Science, 329(5998), 1537–1541. Read More
  • Fiori, L. M., Lopez, J. P., Richard-Devantoy, S., Berlim, M., Chachamovich, E., Jollant, F., … Turecki, G. (2017). Investigation of miR-1202, miR-135a, and miR-16 in Major Depressive Disorder and Antidepressant Response. International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology, 20(8), 619–623. Read More
  • Gheysarzadeh, A., Sadeghifard, N., Afraidooni, L., Pooyan, F., Mofid, M. R., Valadbeigi, H., … Keikhavani, S. (2018). Serum-based microRNA biomarkers for major depression: MiR-16, miR-135a, and miR-1202. Journal of Research in Medical Sciences : The Official Journal of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, 23, 69. Read More
  • Zurawek, D., Kusmider, M., Faron-Gorecka, A., Gruca, P., Pabian, P., Solich, J., … Dziedzicka-Wasylewska, M. (2017). Reciprocal MicroRNA Expression in Mesocortical Circuit and Its Interplay with Serotonin Transporter Define Resilient Rats in the Chronic Mild Stress. Molecular Neurobiology, 54(8), 5741–5751. Read More

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